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Sr. Stylist Brian Swan

BRIAN SWAN has been studying the art of style and quality craftsmanship since his freshman year of high school. Since those glory days, he has continued down a lifestyle path where fashion and apparel are at the center of his self-expression. 


After a time spent at Arizona State studying Business, B. Swan ventured into the Entrepreneurial world as a fashion consultant. He's worked with brands such as Phoenix Fashion Week, and later Express, on projects that encompassed photo shoots, fashion shows, e-commence and media appearances. 

Over his 15+ year career in the fashion industry, Brian has helped a numerous amount of people find/improve their inner fashion guru, without compromising who they are as a person. His body of work includes professionals from all walks of life. Professional's like celebrities, athletes, C.E.O.'s, artists, teachers, students, and  more. Being afforded the opportunity to work with a variety of people has greatly impacted Brian's ability to help others. 

Right Hand Man Image Consulting has since evolved more deeply into the core of the business, now known as B. Swan Style. Getting into the heart and soul of the man who helps fashionista(o)s of all levels take their style to new heights. The passion behind his projects and client list stems from his continuous endeavor to help others along their journey through this gauntlet we call life.

B. Swan Style was crafted to curate meaningful, impactful, style interactions, while delivering an unforgettable experience for each client with their best interests at the forefront.