How It Works

Each of our services begins with the completion of a simple questionnaire. This vital step includes information like, your style preferences, measurements, fashion needs and desired goals. Once the questionnaire is returned, B. Swan Style gets to work for you. 
3 Simple Steps


After reviewing the questionnaire, we’ll spend time together discussing it. Supplied with the questionnaire and good o’l fashion conversation, we’ll explain our style strategy for you, as well as answering questions or concerns you may have.

2. Production

Specific to the service you select, this is where your “Style Strategy” unfolds. To maintain the highest level of efficiency, we style a variety of different items, entirely curated with your personality and needs in mind. All of this is accomplished by B. Swan Style before we meet for the consultation.


During our time together we explain why each piece was selected and how it works for you. This also includes, tips/tricks for your body-type, brand specific suggestions and things to keep in mind. A week after your consultation has concluded, we’ll check in with a follow up on your style progress.

Our goal is to maximize your style potential and time. With our tested, stress-free, streamlined service, building on your personal style has never been easier! Which service captures your style needs?

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